Effective email retargeting.

An effective way of reaching your audience through emails can be to send a follow up email targeting those that didn't open your last email or that clicked your last email. Follow this guide to see how.

Before retargeting, assess your audience's behavior. Analyze your email campaign statistics to understand why certain emails are clicked and others are ignored.

Different strategies for engaging email clickers

  • Follow-up content: Develop content that builds on the interests indicated by their previous clicks. This could be more detailed information on the same topic or related offers.
  • Exclusive offers: Reward their engagement with exclusive deals or early access to new products, fostering a sense of value in your communications.
  • Feedback requests: Encourage interaction by asking for their opinions or feedback, making them feel part of your journey.

Re-engaging non-openers

  • Subject line optimization: Experiment with more compelling subject lines. Use action verbs, questions, or personalization to catch attention. Also read our guide to writing better subject lines.
  • Timing adjustments: Test different sending times. Sometimes, it's not about the content but when the email lands in the inbox. If you are sending to many recipients, also try our function to spread out the sendout over time.

Advanced audience filtering in Minutemailer's email editor

To take advantage of the more advanced targeting on Minutemailer simply tap the To: field in the email editor and access the New filter option. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for more precise audience targeting, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant recipients.

Email retargeting in Minutemailer's email editor

Once you select New filter, a modal appears, offering advanced targeting options. Here’s how you can harness this powerful feature:

  1. List selection: Choose from your existing mailing lists to define the base audience for your email campaign. You can also select all contacts.
  2. Advanced conditions: Here you can apply conditions such as:
  • Clicked/Didn't click: Target users based on whether they clicked on links in your previous emails. This is perfect for follow-up campaigns or re-engaging users who showed interest.
  • Didn't open/Opened: Filter recipients based on their interaction with your past emails. Reach out to those who missed your previous message or engage further with those who showed interest.

The tool allows you to base these conditions on interactions with a specific past email. This level of detail ensures that your targeting is not just based on general behavior, but on specific interactions, making your campaigns highly relevant and personalized.

Effective email retargeting is both an art and a science. By understanding and responding to the behaviors of your audience, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Implement these strategies in your next campaign and watch your engagement levels soar.

Also read our guide to creating better emails.

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