Send smarter emails.

Personalise your emails with data from your contacts and track the result.

Send smart emails - Minutemailer


Upload your contacts from an Excel or CSV file.


Add data about your contacts such as phone number and website.


Create and send smart emails using data from your contacts.

“I have used Minutemailer for two years and am super satisfied. It's very easy to use for email marketing.”

Mikael Svensson, Silent Decor Sweden
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Mikael Svensson

Get Help to Get Started

If you don't know what email to send. Start with one of our ready made plain text email templates. Or create your own email from a blank page.


Email Marketing in Disguise

Create regular but smart marketing emails. Use your contact data in emails and track the result. As easy as sending a regular email.


Improve Your Result

See how your email marketing performs under Result. Track how many opened or clicked your emails and send follow up emails.

Improve Your Result

Get more contacts

Add a subscribe form to your website or use our Wordpress plugin.

Add a subscribe form

Contacts API

Using our API you can integrate Minutemailer with any site or app.


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All accounts include unlimited contacts.

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Create and send marketing emails using the easy to use email editor. Start with a professional email template and customize it for your purpose.

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Also Send Beautiful Newsletters