Which is the best tool for email marketing?

Different services are suitable for different needs. Here is a comparison between different options for working with your contacts. Think about what suits you and your business when it comes to managing and activating your contacts.

MinutemailerMailchimpHubspotLinkedinPhone Address Book
Climate friendly emailsYesNoNoNoNo
Unlimited contacts for freeYesNoNoYesYes
Based within the EUYesNoNoNoNot applicable
Paid accounts starts at$18/mon for 10,000 emails$11/mon for 500 contacts$41/mon for 1,000 contacts$29.99/mon for Linkedin Premium Career with 3 InMail creditsNot available
Pay as you go pricing$72 for 10,000 credits$200 for 10,000 creditsNoNot applicableNot applicable
DifficultyGet started in minutesMediumHardEasyVery easy
Start for free

What is the biggest difference?

A big difference between Minutemailer and e.g. Mailchimp is that in Minutemailer you have unlimited contacts and that we instead charge for the number of emails you send. That is, how much you use the service.

Whereas Mailchimp and most other tools charge you for how many contacts you save regardless of whether you use the service or not.

Switching to Minutemailer

Do you already use some other platform besides Minutemailer? Read more about how you can switch to Minutemailer.

“The best thing about Minutemailer is that the tool is incredibly user friendly! Creating professional newsletters is quick and easy.”

Jessica Pettersson, FöreningsKraft
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Jessica Pettersson