Switch to Minutemailer.

If you for some reason are using something other than Minutemailer for newsletters here’s a simple guide on how to switch to Minutemailer.

Switch from Mailchimp and other newsletter tools.

When switching from Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or some other newsletter service to Minutemailer you should first export all your contacts. Then you can import them into Minutemailer.

If you have added some DNS settings from Mailchimp or some other email tool you can remove them and instead add the correct DNS settings for Minutemailer.

That's basicly the whole thing. If you want to keep some statistics you can export them to compare with how your emails perform on Minutemailer. Just remember that the content also affects the performance.

Minutemailer doesn't support importing templates from other systems but the Minutemailer email editor is so simple to use that you can quickly recreate any design from other tools and save as your own templates in Minutemailer.

Switch from Hubspot.

First you need to export your contacts. Then import them into Minutemailer and add the fields that you need from Hubspot.

If you have added some DNS settings for Hubspot you can remove them and instead add the correct DNS settings for Minutemailer.

Switch from using Linkedin.

You can keep Linkedin while still using Minutemailer. But as a start you should try exporting your contacts from Linkedin and importing them to Minutemailer. Most won't have public email addresses but at least it's a start.

Add the remaining data manually or if you have some other contact register available like your address book on your computer you can import them as a file.

Switch from using your phones address book.

You should sync your phone address book with your computer and then export the contacts from your computers address book to a file. Import the file to Minutemailer and you are ready to go.

Are you unsure about whether to switch to Minutemailer or not? Read more about how Minutemailer compares to other email marketing tools.

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