Send climate friendly emails.

Climate friendly emails

Climate change is a serious subject and we want to do our part to help mitigate it.

Send climate friendly emails using Minutemailer

Climate change is real and a huge threat to the human species. In many ways it's an energy problem, as we have for the last 100 years been increasing our energy usage and powered our way of life by burning fossil fuels.

Sending an email sounds like a small thing but it all adds up. We want to be a climate friendly way of sending emails.

Minutemailer wants to make the impact of sending emails less in two ways:

Green Email Marketing

We are partnering with our payment provider Stripe to remove carbon from the atmosphere. 5% of every payment done on Minutemailer is used to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Climate Works

Green Servers

Our servers and infrastructure are located within the European Union and powered by 100% sustainable green energy.

CO2 from emails