Get more subscribers with forms

Adding a subscribe form to your website is a great way of getting more contacts that you can send emails to.

Add HTML code to your website

Go to your contact lists and under "Add to website" you'll find the HTML form code that you can add to your website and style using CSS.

HTML code

Add a subscribe link

Go to the contact list you want to add to and under "Add to website" you'll find a link to the subscribe page of that list.

Subscribe link

Minutemailer for Wordpress

Use the Minutemailer Wordpress plugin to easily add a subscribe form to your website. Download the plugin or install it from within Wordpress by searching for Minutemailer in the plugin menu.

Download plugin
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The Minutemailer API

The Minutemailer API allows you to integrate Minutemailer with your app. Create, update and delete contact lists and contacts. Read more in the API documentation.

API documentation
Minutemailer API