Get started with your newsletters.

Manage your contacts and activate them using marketing emails and newsletters. Here's how to get you started in minutes.

1. Sign up

Start with a free account. You’ll need to verify your email first, before you can send anything. So make sure you catch the welcome email and click the link in it.

Start for free
Start with a free account

2. Add Your Contacts

Create a new contact list and then choose Import contacts. Pick an Excel or CSV file that contain your email addresses. If it contains multiple columns you need to pick the ones you want to import.

Import your contacts

3. What Do You Want to Make?

Select between creating a plain smart text email or an email with customizable layout. Choose from our ready made email templates or start from an empty layout.

Choose an email template

4. Creating an Email With Layout

The email editor is very easy to use. Drag and drop layout segments from the right hand panel to change the layout of your email. Use components for Images, Text, Buttons, Links and more to build your design.

Edit the email

5. Adjust your Design

Click the Design tab to change the background color, background image, font and other design features of your email. You can also change the background colour and font in your profile settings.

Adjust the design

6. Add an Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload an image from your computer. All images are saved in your file library so you can easily reuse images in new emails.

Upload an image

7. Preview and Send Your Email

Write a nice and short subject line and test your email. You can also send a preview email to yourself or a friend. When everything looks allright just click Send to send your email.

Preview and send

8. View Your Result

Go to your Results and you can see how many opens and clicks each email gets. Just like that! You have started your email marketing. Easy!

View the result