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Starting out with Minutemailer

You need a computer with Internet and preferably a company email address. When creating emails you need images and a great idea. Everything else is included.
It shouldn't take very long to switch to Minutemailer. In short you can export your contacts, start an account on Minutemailer and upload you old contacts in less than a minute.
Minutemailer has 95% of the features of competing products but is easier to use and hopefully will save you both time and money. If some important feature is missing please let us know.

Create and send emails

We have 7 ready made templates based on the same professional and mobile friendly html base. Using the editor you can combine different segments and settings into your own unique and creative email.
Right now we don't support creating custom templates in html as we want to make sure every email being sent from Minutemailer looks good and professional and works in every email client. If you have some requests when it comes to design let us know.
Yes you can use smart tags to insert your contacts first (%first-name%) or full name (%full-name%), email address (%contact-email%) and sent date (%sent-date%) into emails.
You can create multiple contact lists and send to one or many at the same time. You can also choose to send to just contacts that opened or clicked your last email or that didn't open or click your last email.
Send the email to yourself or to a list and then click the view in browser link. Copy the link and post to social media.
Send the email to yourself and then save or 'print' the email as a pdf in your email client.

Lists and subscribers

Go to the Contacts menu and you’ll be taken to your Contact lists, where you can import your contacts or add to an existing list. Import your Gmail/Google Contacts or select a text, rtf, excel, vcf or csv file that contains email addresses and hit ‘Upload your contacts’ to import it. You might have to help identify names in your list. You can also enter addresses manually.
You can use the ready made code or the quick link to the ready made signup page for your list. Go to the contact list you want to link to and choose 'Add to website' to find the code that you need. There is also a Minutemailer Wordpress plugin available.
There is a built in function to remove contacts that haven't opened or clicked your last number of emails. You can adjust this under your contact list settings.
Go to your contact list and choose settings. There you will find a link to export that list.

Deliverability and bounces

The best way to make sure your email is delivered is to create interesting content that your contacts has asked to recieve. You should also make sure to authenticate your email domain using DKIM and SPF. There are a lot of other things to think about but there is no magic bullet that always gets your email through.
We send all emails using Mailgun and we work continuously with optimizing the delivery of your emails. But sometimes emails can still end up in the spam folder.
There could be a problem with your email providers spam filter or some other temporary error. Try again to some other email addresses and see if it's the same problem.


Yes. We automatically track opens and clicks of every email sent. Just go to your Sent list and view the numbers.
Bounced are emails that have been returned by the email server. Either caused by a permanent error with the receiving email server or a temporary error. Dropped emails are emails that have previously bounced to the same reciepient or where the recipient have flagged the email as spam.
You can view info about opens, clicks and also who opened and clicked your email.


Yes. You can buy credits and use them to send emails. Even on the free account.
Even better. You start out with a free account and can use it as long as you like to send marketing emails for free. Upgrade, buy credits or invite friends if you need more.
You can pay using most bank cards and currencies on the market. Like VISA, Mastercard and American Express. We only accept online card payments. All payments are handled through a secure connection by our payment partner Stripe.
Usually you will get a receipt on your email. Otherwise you can find your receipts under your billing settings.

Security & privacy

Yes. All data and our servers are encrypted and we will never share your personal information or contacts list with any third party or use your information in marketing without your consent.
Yes. Our servers are within the EU and all data are encrypted. We also have a clear unsubscribe link in all emails being sent and a function to automatically remove inactive contacts. You still have to make sure all your contacts have opted-in to receiving emails from you and that you delete contacts that ask to be deleted.

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