What is Minutemailer?

Minutemailer is a tool for activating your contacts and turning them to customers using email marketing. Create, schedule and send regular 'smart' e-mails and newsletters. Simple, functional and affordable online marketing that gets you started in minutes.

Facts about Minutemailer:

  • Minutemailer is the easiest and fastest way of getting started with email marketing. Send smart plain emails and beautiful newsletters for free.
  • Since starting out the many thousands of users of Minutemailer has sent hundreds of millions of emails and newsletters.
  • Minutemailer offers a free version (unlimited time and unlimited number of contacts), while subscription packages start from just 18 USD per month, varying according to number of sendouts. You can also buy credits that can be used to send emails or earn credits by inviting friends.
  • Minutemailer uses intuitive drag'n'drop layout for newsletters, regular emails, press releases, discounts and sale offers, updates and invitations. Contacts can be easily imported and edited, while analysis of opens, click throughs etc. are simple to read and understand.
  • Minutemailer AB is a privatly owned company and was founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Minutemailer has recieved support from Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova.
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