How to create beautiful newsletters using Minutemailer

Using Minutemailer, you can easily customize the design and content like you want. Here are some tips on how to create beautiful newsletters with simple means and in a short time.

Minutemailer has the worlds easiest email editor for newsletters
Using the Minutemailer editor and our ready made templates you can quickly and easily put together a professional email newsletter.

Start from your graphic identity

In your company or organization you probably have a graphic identity consisting of a logo, colors and fonts. Use these as a base for your design. Easily upload your logo, choose the right font or a similar one. Unfortunately, the possibilities for different fonts are more limited in emails than on websites.

Also use the colors from your graphic identity in the design by coloring buttons, backgrounds, text and link color with your palette. It will quickly make the newsletter feel more unique and designed. Pretty simple!

Tap Settings in the editor to set several things like the look of dividers and buttons. Customize the design to your brand. Does your company have square buttons or softer round buttons? Are the dividers discrete or distinct? Put your own style on the newsletter.

Work with the typography

In addition to choosing a different font than the standard font, you can also work with different sizes and weights (boldness) on the text. Try to work with headings, subheadings and try capitalizing or use a different font for your headlines.

It may be good to combine two fonts that fit together for a stronger expression. For example, a serif in headings and a sans serif in the body text.

You can also use bold or italics on text to distinguish sections of content.

Use colors properly

Use colors both to enhance your brand and create a mood. Color different parts of the newsletter in different ways. Make the newsletter dark if you send a party invitation or light if it is a more informative newsletter. Have colorful buttons that capture the reader’s attention.

Try to let the text be dark gray instead of completely black to create a softer impression. But be careful not to over-use colors as it can create a messy and unprofessional impression.

You can find your images in your Image library
All images uploaded to Minutemailer are saved and can be used again in new emails.

Find and work with images

Stylish and professional images can make a big difference to your newsletter. You can find free pictures online on a range of sites. But check out the rights that apply before using them in a newsletter.

You can also take pictures yourself or with the help of a professional photographer. Make sure the images have a sufficiently high resolution and edit the images in Photoshop or similar programs before uploading them so they look as good as possible. Adjust colors and contrast to create good-looking images. If you have to choose use fewer, really great images rather than a lot of images with lower quality.

Another way to make your newsletter more interesting is to work with illustrations. Hire an illustrator, draw something yourself or cut and paste from a ready made illustration library. Just think about what style your company has so you do not mix too many different expressions.

KISS - Keep it simple stupid

It is tempting to add a lot of content to your newsletter as it is easily done with Minutemailer. One tip is to keep the content more concise and instead divide it into several newsletters scattered over time.

Cut down the texts to the most important information and break up the content with interesting, stylish or informative images. Use headings and subheadings to guide the reader through the newsletter.

Check the newsletter one last time

Before you press Send it is good if you read through the newsletter one last time. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes. No empty sections left behind. No doubled dividers or anything that does not look good. Make sure that the balance of the newsletter is good and that you have not added too much text or too few images. Don’t forget to check how it looks on your mobile.

One tip is also to ask someone else to take a look on your design and give some feedback. Ask a colleague to come over to your screen or send a preview to a friend.

Dare to try things

Most important of all, dare to try it out. Make a newsletter and send it. Change what you are not satisfied with next time. Measure the result and learn from what worked well. For each newsletter you do, you will learn something.

Good luck with your newsletters!

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