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Minutemailer protects our users integrity and constantly work to reduce the amount of unsolicited email and secure all data processed by the platform so it does not end up in the wrong hands. As part of that work, we follow GDPR.

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Who has access to what information and what control do you have about your own personal data?

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a law designed to strengthen the protection of personal data for individuals throughout the EU. GDPR means that the person who collects personal data must get a clear consent from the person whose data is collected. It has to be stated what the data will be used for and it must be possible to withdraw consent at any time.

This means that it will no longer be possible to collect personal data in order to secretly transfer the data to third parties. You may also not collect personal data without saying how it will be used. As a citizen of the EU, GDPR has also strengthened the “right to be forgotten” online. Thus, being able to request that personal data be deleted.

In practice, it may mean more checkboxes to click on when collecting data and that, as a company, you need to clearly describe what you collect and why.

Questions about GDPR

Is Minutemailer GDPR compliant?

Yes, we work with the following things to make it easier for you to follow GDPR:

  • All mail sent via or from Minutemailer contains a clear unsubscribe link that allows the recipient to be removed from your list.
  • All your contacts are documented and saved encrypted on servers in Europe.
  • You can always delete your Minutemailer account when you want. Your information is then deleted from our servers.

Do I need to do something to be GDPR compliant?

Yes, you need to make sure your company is following GDPR and processes all personal information correctly.

  • It is your responsibility to be clear about how email addresses will be used when collecting them using for example a form.
  • If a recipient contacts you to be removed, you are required to remove the personal data from all your contact lists.
  • If you use tools other than Minutemailers email collection form, you will need documentation about your contacts consent to send newsletters and store their personal data.
  • You need to be careful where you get your contacts from and that they are up to date and have asked to get the type of content you send.

What do I do with existing contact lists?

You can continue to send to these contacts if they have clearly opted in to recieve your emails. The storage of your contacts needs to comply with the basic rules and you need to delete a contact if they request to be removed.

What is considered personal data?

Any information that is directly or indirectly attributable to a living person counts as personal data. For example, name, email address, phone number, address, images, IP number (if associated with an individual).

What happens if I do not follow GDPR?

If a company fails in its processing of personal data, it may be required to pay a so-called administrative penalty of up to EUR 20 million or four percent of their worldwide turnover. In addition, your Minutemailer account may be closed down.


If you run a reputable business where you clearly state how you will use the data you collect, use the data as stated and document your data and store it safely – you are following the main rules that apply to GDPR.

Also please read the Minutemailer terms of service and anti-spam policy if you haven’t done that already.

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