Which email newsletter service is best?

Different services are suitable for different needs. Here is a comparison between different options for working with email marketing. Think about what suits you and your business when it comes to email marketing.

Minutemailer Mailchimp Gmail
Paid accounts starts at 13 USD/month, unlimited contacts, 10,000 emails/month

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10 USD/month, 500 contacts 5 USD/month, company email address, 2,000 emails/day
Included in free account Unlimited contacts, Send 2 000 emails for free, +100 emails/month 2,000 contacts, 10,000 emails/month, limitations apply Non company email address, 500 emails/day
Send for free by inviting friends Yes

How to send for free
No No
European GDPR ready service Yes

Read about GDPR
No No
Ease of use Very easy Medium hard Very easy
Send plain "smart" emails Yes Yes No
Track emails/statistics Yes Yes No
Merge tags Yes Yes No
DKIM & SPF settings Yes

Authenticate your domain
Yes No

Our API documentation
Yes Yes
Code your own html templates No thanks Yes No
Suitable for Cost sensitive small and medium sized businesses and organisations Large companies or marketing departments with a big budget who needs advanced features Users with very simple needs and no or low budget

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